Diamondheart Photography, LLC | FAQ


Me, your photographer

My name is Angela Pollard, and I am a natural light, outdoor photographer. I have photographed people of all ages, groups of all sizes and I find that I truely shine when I am working with families and high school seniors. I love to find connections in each family member and how they interact with each other. When I photograph seniors, I can not help but remember my senior year, and feeling excited yet nervous in that year of real "growing up".

Location/Time for our session

I have a handful of favorite locations that work great depending on the time of year and what type of setting you want your session to be in. I shoot against a lot of natural textures. We will discuss what works best for you for your shoot. Keep in mind I shoot outdoors, usually near trees, rocks, rivers and buildings. I tend to shoot an hour or two before dusk, as good lighting is crucial in what I am trying to capture. There are times (and locations) that rules can be broken, but keep in mind the type of lighting that will set the look of your photographs apart and make them look truely stunning!

How long will our session take?

I photograph fairly quickly and can complete a family shoot in about an  hour with great variety. Keep in mind when we have small children involved, or infants, they do not always have the same idea as us when it comes to cooperating with a smooth session. I would slot out a few hours to be safe. Seniors I could photograph all day long if I didn't know better, but typically we can finish a shoot in about an hour and a half.

What can we expect at our session?

I wish I could say I am a funny energetic photographer with great witty one liners that keeps everybody laughing the whole time. I do my best to put everybody at ease, and simply go with the flow. I love being behind the camera, and I also love chatting with every new person or group that I meet. Your session should still feel relaxed and fun! I encourage you to make this a fun time with your family, possibly extend your photo session with a family treat or dinner out afterwords! This gives kids something exciting to look forward to through the day, and can sometimes help encourage a fun time during our time together! 


What should we wear?

I always say start with MOM... We moms are our worst critic. Lets face it, our kids will adore whatever we wear, and our husbands are usually more focused with the "how long will this take" question. Once you have your outfit, use complimenting colors throughout the family. I would keep in mind location when it comes to picking out your footwear. (note: a backup pair of shoes for moving from spot to spot, to keep your nice shoes clean)


How Far out should we book our session?

The best bet would be to schedule a month in advance. I can usually get you in within a few weeks time.


How can I order prints and products from our session?

There will be a private weblink with the ability to order prints and products directly from my amazing vendors. You will be provided with a password to the website that you will then be able to share with friends and family! Generally shipping from my vendors are only a couple of days. There are options for speedy delievery.