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That fearless Senior

March 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I love meeting high school seniors before their shoot! Even if it's for a brief "hello"! Getting an idea of who I get to photograph helps me, as a creative person develope what I want in my images... 

This amazing girl was my perfect "intro" as Senior Photographer for this great little town! - She is the girl who really amped up my energy to get site ideas solidified and obtaining location images that help my seniors choose the setting they like for their session. I love how everything has come together for this! I snapped a bunch of images, grouped them up by locations that I gave names to (based on where they are in the are) and sent them to her.... This worked so well I've used it for my next senior shoot as well! I'll be happy when I have about 3 more location sets all put together! I am looking for specifically "Beachy" (which I have an idea of the location I want, but it's CLOSED until May!) - "Forrest" (which I hope to find tall trees close together with sunlight coming in...), and "Urban" (I have this almost put together, we have GREAT old buildings and a lot of great looks downtown that I think will work great!).. 

So, back to the fearless senior! Her goal was to get at leats one image with her boxing gloves.. She loves boxing, and turns out she's pretty darn good at it!  - I asked a few more questions, to see if we could go beyond just throwing her gloves on at the location she chose (that really just sounded odd, based on our location)... We pulled a few strings, and got permission from the site to shoot IN the boxing ring on location!! WHAT! How fun!!! Granted, I know I work best outdoors with my favorite lighting - I feel safe outside, I know how to find that kind of light... This was going to be different!


Here are just a few from our time together! Enjoy!

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