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Spring is coming

February 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Spring is getting closer!

We've had a very mild winter in the Columbia River Gorge (especially compared to last winter!)

Last year we had winter in full force from early December, until early March! This year, we've had days in flip flops and tank tops earlier this February! ...............But... Winter decided it was not over! For a week now, we've had snow many mornings, followed usually by an afternoon melt. I was surprised to see snow this weekend out here, as our forcast had not shown snow. Regardless, it's starting to melt (for now) I am left thinking about SPRING.. 

I love spring!

It is a time where I feel my most energetic. The colors outside start popping out of the ground or on trees again, and everything about it always makes me happy... Of course, the warmer, longer days help a LOT!

I love using Pinterest color pallets to look at color combos. I can see how using spring time flower pallets could work really well in planning outfits for the whole family.. Take a look! 


Can you see your entire family decked out in any of these colors?

(OR, even just using neutral color in the clothing, but adding pops of color from any of the swatches?)

Which one is your favorite?

(swatches are NOT my design, they were found on pinterest! I wish I could take credit, most of them were linked to a "blog lovin" site, which is basically another Pinterest. Right?)