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Color Envy

January 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Winter in The Dalles has been brief and mild... I say that now in hopes it stays that way! It has been beautiful this week (but we know how quickly things can change!)...

We have been working on trimming trees and preparing for a garden for this spring.. While doing that, I decided to photograph my chickens! The chickens loved it, they were really curious what I was doing.

Check out a few more of the photos I got here


On to Colors

Last week I asked for feedback from families, to see what their favorite time of year they liked in getting family photos done.... The winner by far was FALL! - The second place would have to be spring... I love both seasons for photos...

-In fall the colors turn warmer, the grass dies (that sounds bad, but it photographs SO well!), trees loose their leaves, and skies can be striking especially in that magic hour an hour or so before sunset...Families can wear warmer toned colors that set well, or gem tones that tend to really look stunning against the warm toned surroundings. 

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In spring I see fresh green growth, colorful flowers everywhere, and really nice skies. Families can wear a wide variety of colors that look perfect with the spring growth, from pastel or softer tones, to bright colors.

(found on pinterest)