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One full year

December 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Living and photographing life in The Dalles, Oregon. After running away from small town life, I've come back, and brought my art with me.

Tonight is the eve of the year mark that we moved into this amazing home in my home town.. We moved in between two snow storms. Storm 1 had simmered down and things were just starting to melt, just enough for us to unload everything in our storage garage. We had to shovel out quite a bit of ice out of the way just to get things comfortably out. We managed to get some of our things into the house just minutes after the previous owners said goodbye to the house. The first week was a cold week, learning the new heating and trying to make our new home feel like our home.. The second snow storm came on Jan. 1st, just seconds after we hauled the very last item of ours off the mobile storage trailer (pod) in our driveway. From there, the snow stuck around for months after! Honestly, we had one EPIC winter! It was months before I got to catch a glimpse of our yard and hillside without a blanket of snow hiding it all. We stayed busy with house projects much of the winter and spring, and finally began to feel like we had made it ours, comforts of home are priceless.

loading in the ice- yes, that is a horses trailer! Small town living!

(yes, that is a horse trailer... small town living advantages!)


Now here we are... about 8 inches of snow on the ground. And I reflect on all the blessings we have had since moving here.


My kids go to an amazing school, we attend an amazing church and have met many great people at both places.. My husband works with awesome managers that my family have enjoyed getting to know. Our home is cozy, and we love being able to look out back and see wildlife instead of the suburban backyard fenced view we had before... Our neighbors are great! THIS is really what I prayed for... 

My parents still live in the home I grew up in. Actually right now just my dad is living there. My mom has had a rough year with a few horrible falls leading to her to move into a local retirement home that is able to help her heal and keep her safer.. That has led to me visiting her and doing what I can to help more than I ever thought I could or would need to... This has also had me put a lot of "me" on hold... Once all that snow melted (early MARCH) my goal was to get out there and start shooting again, but a fall by my mom put a hold on that... Then again early fall, another fall... And so here I am, making 2018 goals, and praying my mom stays SAFE! - Whatever that actually means, I know being able to spend time with my mom is something I have enjoyed, more than I did as a kid living at home. My mom is funny, she always has me laughing at something she's saying.  I know I will look back and NOT regret spending this precious time with her. I almost lost her early November, but by Gods grace she somehow was safe from a fall that could have easily taken her from this life.


Though all of that, I still have my dream.... I love capturing people in images, and I can not imagine not doing that again. And so with that, my prayer is that 2018 brings renewed energy to bring my art here to my home town! My prayer is also that my mom will be safe from any more falls! I hope you will join me in setting new goals for this coming new year!




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(Speaking of falls.... THIS sweet image is my one and only snowy day capture that my daughter and I managed to get, before she thought twirling on ice was a smart idea! She's okay now, but it finished off our time with my camera last week!)