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My reboot

October 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to my little space on the interwebs... I have blogged in previous years, and enjoyed sharing glimpses into many of my family and senior client shoots... I have never been really savvy at the full time blogging gig, and do not frequent other blogs as often as I used to... Sadly facebook has taken over so much of the advertising and information source for me, I often use it to find inspiration as well.  Then came pinterest!  Talk about endless inspiration! That site clumps blogged images, images from articles, and even for sale items from places like Amazon and Etsy so you don't even need to read all the "extra fluff" (hey now!)


While my main purpose for my blog is likely to be images of clients, I do hope to add more than that. Perhaps a hand full of inspiration, a dose of encouragement to others, a positive outlook on something close to my heart. Whatever that looks like in the future, time will tell...  I invite you to journey with me, as a one time click to check your families images, or as a frequent reader into whatever is on my mind to share in the moment, or anywhere in the middle.. 


THANK YOU for clicking whatever link got you here.. and please, come again...