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Fall 2018 Family Sessions are coming soon!

August 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Fall Sessions in The Dalles Oregon


Can you believe it is almost time to schedule your Fall 2018 family session?


Celebrate your Right NowCelebrate your Right Now with Diamondheart Photography

I am preparing for an exciting fall with my family sessions!

-This sweet lil man and his mamma is one of my most recent sessions down on the water! I LOVE going down on the sand - 


Celebrate Your Right Now - 

The Dalles Oregon family photographerWaterfront park, The Dalles Oregon

Seeing him dig his little toes deep into the warm sand for the very first time, exploring something new... This lil guy has dimples for days and curls that are over the top adorable! I was lucky to photograph this beautiful mamma on her wedding day just a few years ago, so I was super excited when she asked me to photograph their super cute lil man to celebrate his half year mark! 


How do you Celebrate Your Right Now?


The End of Summer

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It's hard to believe the final month of summer is already over a week in... 


These last few weeks will be spent speed reading chapter books my kids teacher has us tasked to read over the summer, late night family movie nights that leave at least half of us falling asleep to, and evening swimming in the pool that has been warmed up throughout the firey hot days...


What are some of the things you have done this summer?


We have spent the last few months with a lot of fun activities - from Soccer VBS, to our yearly big family trip, our first time sending kids to a summer camp without us! - We really have had a blast! This week we are finally in a bit of a rest-week. Not a lot scheduled.. 


Fishing lifeFishing at the lake

I started the summer getting my very first tattoo... The photo is from our trip to the lake with a full day of fishing with NO fish actually being caught.

Cowboy Dinner TreeCowboy Dinner Tree

If you are ever in the middle of nowhere (in central Oregon)- no really... You MUST look up Cowboy Dinner Tree! 

Cold TreatShaved ice in Sunriver

We cooled off over shaved ice in Sunriver, Oregon

Back Porch HeatYes, it felt this hot.

This is no joke... 

Paddle BoardI loved the paddle board!

I managed to stand on the paddleboard and NOT fall over! 

CropTomatoes for days

I grew tomatoes

BASIK CAFE - Hood RiverBASIK CAFE in Hood River, Oregon - Amazing Acai bowls!

Hood River, Oregon with friends - check out Basik Cafe

We have done so much more... These are just a handful of snaps from my phone that have become my 2018 Summer Treasures! 

Post your favorite photo(s) from YOUR summer!



The "Mini shoots"

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Up until yesterday, I had never done a mini session.

I've heard of them for years. Friends of mine have encouraged me to test it out and see if doing them are a good fit for me... 

So, instead of the 15 minutes I aloted for each shoot, each turned into half an hour, because -chatting.. I can't help it, I like getting to know people. Luckily I gaged myself for half an hour to be on the safe side, and had no troubles at all.

If I had fully booked up, I am sure I would have been able to push through in a nice smooth quick fashion, but I'm wondering if that is always a good idea?

I will have to try one or two more mini's to see... 

Now, onto my next grand adventure! Summer scheduling! 

Celebrate your Now

April 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I am happy to serve The Dalles High School, and surrounding schools.

I am so excited to see what our next batch of seniors will bring! Just a bit over a month before it's off with Class of 2018 and onto Class of 2019!!! How exciting!

I have loved meeting the seniors from The Dalles High School here in Oregon. I wish the very best for each of you, as your graduation comes and life takes on a whole new direction! Be your very best selves, and remember to Celebrate your Right Now! 


Upcoming Seniors: Get in early! Before summer gets too busy and too hot! Summer is an amazing time to get your senior photos done, you've got that  nice summer tan, amazing light, and lots of beautiful days, and toes in the Columbia River aren't freezing (sand session!)! Message me on my Facebook if you have any questions!


As a high school senior, what would you say is "Celebrating your right now"? I'd LOVE to hear!

Congratulations to The Dalles High senior class:


The Dalles High Senior class of 2018The Dalles Class of 2018TDHS2018

I was LIVE on Facebook!

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A week ago, I went LIVE on Facebook to share some great tips on photographing your childs FIRST year!

I can NOT believe how many people viewed it in just a matter of a few days! I really hope these tips help! 


As you can tell, I LOVE to use baskets when I photograph newborns and babies their first year... I also find myself using the baskets well into the toddler years, when they are all over the place! Baskets come in such a wide variety of styles, you can always find one to suit your desired look. Whenever I am in craft stores, or Home Goods, I check out their baskets. I have also used old fruit crates as well. Explore your "basket" options, and post a photo of what you came up with below!


I DO plan to do more  LIVE facebook in the near future! So be sure to like my page! (make sure notifications in checked at the top of my page, so you see when I go live!)


I plan to talk about photographing your toddler, giving some great ideas on how to set up your shot, and where some great places are to capture those toddler years! 

If you watched the LIVE video, post on the video to say HELLO! Better yet, if you found the LIVE video on this blog post here, post "BRING ON SPRING" to show me how you found me!