A new start

October 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A new start, 

I have lived back in my hometown for nearly a year now with my husband and two children. Now is the time to press GO!


Go on finding all new favorite locations, Go on spreading the word about my passion for capturing people in moments they can enjoy for years. Go on meeting locals who also enjoy the same types of things as I do... Go on being a small town girl raising two amazing kids surrounded by childhood memories...

It has been years since writing any type of blog. I would love to start up again. All new, all fresh and clean. My website has been around a while, but a lot of updating and cleaning up was needed... 


Be on the lookout! I have a few locations I am excited to try out with a few families coming soon! 


In the mean time, this amazing couple have been married a few years now. I knew the beautiful bride growing up, and am happy to finally live in the same town again! 






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