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I've heard of them for years. Friends of mine have encouraged me to test it out and see if doing them are a good fit for me... 

So, instead of the 15 minutes I aloted for each shoot, each turned into half an hour, because -chatting.. I can't help it, I like getting to know people. Luckily I gaged myself for half an hour to be on the safe side, and had no troubles at all.

If I had fully booked up, I am sure I would have been able to push through in a nice smooth quick fashion, but I'm wondering if that is always a good idea?

I will have to try one or two more mini's to see... 

Now, onto my next grand adventure! Summer scheduling! 

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Celebrate your Now http://www.diamondheartphotography.net/blog/2018/4/celebrate-your-now I am happy to serve The Dalles High School, and surrounding schools.

I am so excited to see what our next batch of seniors will bring! Just a bit over a month before it's off with Class of 2018 and onto Class of 2019!!! How exciting!

I have loved meeting the seniors from The Dalles High School here in Oregon. I wish the very best for each of you, as your graduation comes and life takes on a whole new direction! Be your very best selves, and remember to Celebrate your Right Now! 


Upcoming Seniors: Get in early! Before summer gets too busy and too hot! Summer is an amazing time to get your senior photos done, you've got that  nice summer tan, amazing light, and lots of beautiful days, and toes in the Columbia River aren't freezing (sand session!)! Message me on my Facebook if you have any questions!


As a high school senior, what would you say is "Celebrating your right now"? I'd LOVE to hear!

Congratulations to The Dalles High senior class:


The Dalles High Senior class of 2018The Dalles Class of 2018TDHS2018

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I was LIVE on Facebook! http://www.diamondheartphotography.net/blog/2018/4/i-was-live-on-facebook A week ago, I went LIVE on Facebook to share some great tips on photographing your childs FIRST year!

I can NOT believe how many people viewed it in just a matter of a few days! I really hope these tips help! 


As you can tell, I LOVE to use baskets when I photograph newborns and babies their first year... I also find myself using the baskets well into the toddler years, when they are all over the place! Baskets come in such a wide variety of styles, you can always find one to suit your desired look. Whenever I am in craft stores, or Home Goods, I check out their baskets. I have also used old fruit crates as well. Explore your "basket" options, and post a photo of what you came up with below!


I DO plan to do more  LIVE facebook in the near future! So be sure to like my page! (make sure notifications in checked at the top of my page, so you see when I go live!)


I plan to talk about photographing your toddler, giving some great ideas on how to set up your shot, and where some great places are to capture those toddler years! 

If you watched the LIVE video, post on the video to say HELLO! Better yet, if you found the LIVE video on this blog post here, post "BRING ON SPRING" to show me how you found me!

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That fearless Senior http://www.diamondheartphotography.net/blog/2018/3/that-fearless-senior I love meeting high school seniors before their shoot! Even if it's for a brief "hello"! Getting an idea of who I get to photograph helps me, as a creative person develope what I want in my images... 

This amazing girl was my perfect "intro" as Senior Photographer for this great little town! - She is the girl who really amped up my energy to get site ideas solidified and obtaining location images that help my seniors choose the setting they like for their session. I love how everything has come together for this! I snapped a bunch of images, grouped them up by locations that I gave names to (based on where they are in the are) and sent them to her.... This worked so well I've used it for my next senior shoot as well! I'll be happy when I have about 3 more location sets all put together! I am looking for specifically "Beachy" (which I have an idea of the location I want, but it's CLOSED until May!) - "Forrest" (which I hope to find tall trees close together with sunlight coming in...), and "Urban" (I have this almost put together, we have GREAT old buildings and a lot of great looks downtown that I think will work great!).. 

So, back to the fearless senior! Her goal was to get at leats one image with her boxing gloves.. She loves boxing, and turns out she's pretty darn good at it!  - I asked a few more questions, to see if we could go beyond just throwing her gloves on at the location she chose (that really just sounded odd, based on our location)... We pulled a few strings, and got permission from the site to shoot IN the boxing ring on location!! WHAT! How fun!!! Granted, I know I work best outdoors with my favorite lighting - I feel safe outside, I know how to find that kind of light... This was going to be different!


Here are just a few from our time together! Enjoy!

fearless senior, senior girl on railroad tracksFearless senior girl*and where she stood, she stood tall* fearless seniorFearless senior fearless senior, senior girl, senior photosFearless seniorMay the place where I want to be, inspire me fearless seniorFearless senior fearless seniorFearless senior fearless senior, Pinnacle boxing clubFearless senior, Pinnacle boxing clubBoxing girl

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Spring is coming http://www.diamondheartphotography.net/blog/2018/2/spring-is-coming Spring is getting closer!

We've had a very mild winter in the Columbia River Gorge (especially compared to last winter!)

Last year we had winter in full force from early December, until early March! This year, we've had days in flip flops and tank tops earlier this February! ...............But... Winter decided it was not over! For a week now, we've had snow many mornings, followed usually by an afternoon melt. I was surprised to see snow this weekend out here, as our forcast had not shown snow. Regardless, it's starting to melt (for now) I am left thinking about SPRING.. 

I love spring!

It is a time where I feel my most energetic. The colors outside start popping out of the ground or on trees again, and everything about it always makes me happy... Of course, the warmer, longer days help a LOT!

I love using Pinterest color pallets to look at color combos. I can see how using spring time flower pallets could work really well in planning outfits for the whole family.. Take a look! 


Can you see your entire family decked out in any of these colors?

(OR, even just using neutral color in the clothing, but adding pops of color from any of the swatches?)

Which one is your favorite?

(swatches are NOT my design, they were found on pinterest! I wish I could take credit, most of them were linked to a "blog lovin" site, which is basically another Pinterest. Right?) 



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Tiny sweetness http://www.diamondheartphotography.net/blog/2018/2/tiny-sweetness


This pinterest image find (above) fit quite perfectly for this sweet tiny princess I got the pleasure of spending some time with the other day... Truely, she was only calm when wrapped in her mothers arms. All is well, when we have our mamma to hold us tight.. I am so blessed to be able to capture moments and times like this.


Newborn girl with her mamma Newborn girl with her mamma Newborn girl with her mamma

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Turning eleven http://www.diamondheartphotography.net/blog/2018/2/turning-eleven  

It is hard to believe that in just a few short days, my twins are turning eleven!

The past decade has slipped by, and watching them turn into the people they have become so far has been my everything. These two have a very special place in this mammas heart. I will never forget meeting them for the first time, when they were less then 24hours old. I walked into their hospital room, 5 hours away from home. We lived out of a suit case there for 9 days while they were in the NICU.. Once they were released from the hospital, we still had to wait for approval to cross over to another state, due to adoption laws, so our first night out of the hospital was spent on my inlaws spare room floor. Our first night sleeping all in the same room. It was restless to say the least. 11 years later, I love looking back, and telling them their story of meeting them, and all the adventures we've had together.

We have had some amazing weather this month, so much different compared to a year ago! Last year we were covered in snow that had not left since early in December. This year, we wore dresses, and flip flops! What a difference! -

So what better than some "birthday photos!"

birthday kidsturning 11years old birthday kidsturning 11years old birthday kidsturning 11years old birthday kidsturning 11years old birthday kidsturning 11years old birthday kidsturning 11years old birthday kidsturning 11years old

What do you think? Aren't they a couple of fantastic looking kiddos?!



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Color Envy http://www.diamondheartphotography.net/blog/2018/1/color-envy Winter in The Dalles has been brief and mild... I say that now in hopes it stays that way! It has been beautiful this week (but we know how quickly things can change!)...

We have been working on trimming trees and preparing for a garden for this spring.. While doing that, I decided to photograph my chickens! The chickens loved it, they were really curious what I was doing.

Check out a few more of the photos I got here


On to Colors

Last week I asked for feedback from families, to see what their favorite time of year they liked in getting family photos done.... The winner by far was FALL! - The second place would have to be spring... I love both seasons for photos...

-In fall the colors turn warmer, the grass dies (that sounds bad, but it photographs SO well!), trees loose their leaves, and skies can be striking especially in that magic hour an hour or so before sunset...Families can wear warmer toned colors that set well, or gem tones that tend to really look stunning against the warm toned surroundings. 

(found on pinterest)



In spring I see fresh green growth, colorful flowers everywhere, and really nice skies. Families can wear a wide variety of colors that look perfect with the spring growth, from pastel or softer tones, to bright colors.

(found on pinterest)





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One full year http://www.diamondheartphotography.net/blog/2017/12/one-full-year Living and photographing life in The Dalles, Oregon. After running away from small town life, I've come back, and brought my art with me.

Tonight is the eve of the year mark that we moved into this amazing home in my home town.. We moved in between two snow storms. Storm 1 had simmered down and things were just starting to melt, just enough for us to unload everything in our storage garage. We had to shovel out quite a bit of ice out of the way just to get things comfortably out. We managed to get some of our things into the house just minutes after the previous owners said goodbye to the house. The first week was a cold week, learning the new heating and trying to make our new home feel like our home.. The second snow storm came on Jan. 1st, just seconds after we hauled the very last item of ours off the mobile storage trailer (pod) in our driveway. From there, the snow stuck around for months after! Honestly, we had one EPIC winter! It was months before I got to catch a glimpse of our yard and hillside without a blanket of snow hiding it all. We stayed busy with house projects much of the winter and spring, and finally began to feel like we had made it ours, comforts of home are priceless.

loading in the ice- yes, that is a horses trailer! Small town living!

(yes, that is a horse trailer... small town living advantages!)


Now here we are... about 8 inches of snow on the ground. And I reflect on all the blessings we have had since moving here.


My kids go to an amazing school, we attend an amazing church and have met many great people at both places.. My husband works with awesome managers that my family have enjoyed getting to know. Our home is cozy, and we love being able to look out back and see wildlife instead of the suburban backyard fenced view we had before... Our neighbors are great! THIS is really what I prayed for... 

My parents still live in the home I grew up in. Actually right now just my dad is living there. My mom has had a rough year with a few horrible falls leading to her to move into a local retirement home that is able to help her heal and keep her safer.. That has led to me visiting her and doing what I can to help more than I ever thought I could or would need to... This has also had me put a lot of "me" on hold... Once all that snow melted (early MARCH) my goal was to get out there and start shooting again, but a fall by my mom put a hold on that... Then again early fall, another fall... And so here I am, making 2018 goals, and praying my mom stays SAFE! - Whatever that actually means, I know being able to spend time with my mom is something I have enjoyed, more than I did as a kid living at home. My mom is funny, she always has me laughing at something she's saying.  I know I will look back and NOT regret spending this precious time with her. I almost lost her early November, but by Gods grace she somehow was safe from a fall that could have easily taken her from this life.


Though all of that, I still have my dream.... I love capturing people in images, and I can not imagine not doing that again. And so with that, my prayer is that 2018 brings renewed energy to bring my art here to my home town! My prayer is also that my mom will be safe from any more falls! I hope you will join me in setting new goals for this coming new year!




Winter in The Dalles 2017Winter 2017The end of 2017 wrap up..

(Speaking of falls.... THIS sweet image is my one and only snowy day capture that my daughter and I managed to get, before she thought twirling on ice was a smart idea! She's okay now, but it finished off our time with my camera last week!) 


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My reboot http://www.diamondheartphotography.net/blog/2017/10/my-reboot Welcome to my little space on the interwebs... I have blogged in previous years, and enjoyed sharing glimpses into many of my family and senior client shoots... I have never been really savvy at the full time blogging gig, and do not frequent other blogs as often as I used to... Sadly facebook has taken over so much of the advertising and information source for me, I often use it to find inspiration as well.  Then came pinterest!  Talk about endless inspiration! That site clumps blogged images, images from articles, and even for sale items from places like Amazon and Etsy so you don't even need to read all the "extra fluff" (hey now!)


While my main purpose for my blog is likely to be images of clients, I do hope to add more than that. Perhaps a hand full of inspiration, a dose of encouragement to others, a positive outlook on something close to my heart. Whatever that looks like in the future, time will tell...  I invite you to journey with me, as a one time click to check your families images, or as a frequent reader into whatever is on my mind to share in the moment, or anywhere in the middle.. 


THANK YOU for clicking whatever link got you here.. and please, come again...



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A new start http://www.diamondheartphotography.net/blog/2017/10/new A new start, 

I have lived back in my hometown for nearly a year now with my husband and two children. Now is the time to press GO!


Go on finding all new favorite locations, Go on spreading the word about my passion for capturing people in moments they can enjoy for years. Go on meeting locals who also enjoy the same types of things as I do... Go on being a small town girl raising two amazing kids surrounded by childhood memories...

It has been years since writing any type of blog. I would love to start up again. All new, all fresh and clean. My website has been around a while, but a lot of updating and cleaning up was needed... 


Be on the lookout! I have a few locations I am excited to try out with a few families coming soon! 


In the mean time, this amazing couple have been married a few years now. I knew the beautiful bride growing up, and am happy to finally live in the same town again! 


Portland Temple wedding coupleBeautiful couple on their wedding day


Do you know this beautiful couple? If so, tell me how you met them?!


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