Celebrate your Now

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I am happy to serve The Dalles High School, and surrounding schools

I am so excited to see what our next batch of seniors will bring! Just a bit over a month before it's off with Class of 2018 and onto Class of 2019!!! How exciting!


Get in early! Before summer gets too busy and too hot! Summer is an amazing time to get your senior photos done, you've got that summer kissed skin, amazing light, and lots of beautiful days! Message me on my Facebook if you have any questions!

I was LIVE on Facebook!

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A week ago, I went LIVE on Facebook to share some great tips on photographing your childs FIRST year!

I can NOT believe how many people viewed it in just a matter of a few days! I really hope these tips help! 


I DO plan to do more  LIVE facebook in the near future! So be sure to like my page! (make sure notifications in checked at the top of my page, so you see when I go live!)


I plan to talk about photographing your toddler, giving some great ideas on how to set up your shot, and where some great places are to capture those toddler years! 

If you watched the LIVE video, post on the video to say HELLO! Better yet, if you found the LIVE video on this blog post here, post "BRING ON SPRING" to show me how you found me!

That fearless Senior

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I love meeting high school seniors before their shoot! Even if it's for a brief "hello"! Getting an idea of who I get to photograph helps me, as a creative person develope what I want in my images... 

This amazing girl was my perfect "intro" as Senior Photographer for this great little town! - She is the girl who really amped up my energy to get site ideas solidified and obtaining location images that help my seniors choose the setting they like for their session. I love how everything has come together for this! I snapped a bunch of images, grouped them up by locations that I gave names to (based on where they are in the are) and sent them to her.... This worked so well I've used it for my next senior shoot as well! I'll be happy when I have about 3 more location sets all put together! I am looking for specifically "Beachy" (which I have an idea of the location I want, but it's CLOSED until May!) - "Forrest" (which I hope to find tall trees close together with sunlight coming in...), and "Urban" (I have this almost put together, we have GREAT old buildings and a lot of great looks downtown that I think will work great!).. 

So, back to the fearless senior! Her goal was to get at leats one image with her boxing gloves.. She loves boxing, and turns out she's pretty darn good at it!  - I asked a few more questions, to see if we could go beyond just throwing her gloves on at the location she chose (that really just sounded odd, based on our location)... We pulled a few strings, and got permission from the site to shoot IN the boxing ring on location!! WHAT! How fun!!! Granted, I know I work best outdoors with my favorite lighting - I feel safe outside, I know how to find that kind of light... This was going to be different!


Here are just a few from our time together! Enjoy!

fearless seniorFearless senior fearless seniorFearless senior fearless seniorFearless senior fearless seniorFearless senior fearless seniorFearless senior fearless seniorFearless senior

Spring is coming

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Spring is getting closer!

We've had a very mild winter in the Columbia River Gorge (especially compared to last winter!)

Last year we had winter in full force from early December, until early March! This year, we've had days in flip flops and tank tops earlier this February! ...............But... Winter decided it was not over! For a week now, we've had snow many mornings, followed usually by an afternoon melt. I was surprised to see snow this weekend out here, as our forcast had not shown snow. Regardless, it's starting to melt (for now) I am left thinking about SPRING.. 

I love spring!

It is a time where I feel my most energetic. The colors outside start popping out of the ground or on trees again, and everything about it always makes me happy... Of course, the warmer, longer days help a LOT!

I love using Pinterest color pallets to look at color combos. I can see how using spring time flower pallets could work really well in planning outfits for the whole family.. Take a look! 


Can you see your entire family decked out in any of these colors?

(OR, even just using neutral color in the clothing, but adding pops of color from any of the swatches?)

Which one is your favorite?

(swatches are NOT my design, they were found on pinterest! I wish I could take credit, most of them were linked to a "blog lovin" site, which is basically another Pinterest. Right?) 



Tiny sweetness

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This pinterest image find (above) fit quite perfectly for this sweet tiny princess I got the pleasure of spending some time with the other day... Truely, she was only calm when wrapped in her mothers arms. All is well, when we have our mamma to hold us tight.. I am so blessed to be able to capture moments and times like this.


Newborn girl with her mamma Newborn girl with her mamma Newborn girl with her mamma